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Pre-Program Assessment—Complete a self-assessment
Day 1 Taking the Stage—Why do women often shun the stage? Know the value you bring to each audience; Learn your ‘character’ as a leader; Learn your ‘role’ as a leader.

Elements of the Leader’s Script—Develop your message; Build a persuasive structure; Close with a call to action.

Use the Language of Leadership—Realize the power of language; Be strong: don’t apologize, minimize, or self-correct.

Creating Your Script— Workshop: Participants will create and deliver a brief, well-argued talk that conveys their leadership. The instructor will provide individual feedback.

Voice of a Leader— Use the power of your voice; Avoid the common vocal traps that women fall into; Workshop: Applying what they have learned.

Day 2 Achieving a Leader’s Presence— Use your physical presence to create power; Develop a leader’s body language, eye contact, tone, and pace; Look the part; Workshop: Deliver a brief presentation in an informal setting. Videotaped with individual feedback.

Speaking off-the-cuff— Prepare ahead when you can, or in the moment when you can’t; Use the Leader’s Script to shape -- but not to dominate -- the conversation; Use listening to gain understanding when "ambushed" with an unexpected topic; Workshop: Role-play off-the-cuff speaking situations that apply to your everyday work environment. Receive individual feedback.

Post-Program Support and Application—Check your progress through a 30 minute telephone coaching session.


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