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Strategic Agility


This program will introduce and define the concept of agile learning leadership and its relationship to having a strategic mindset—making decisions now in a timely manner that will lead the organization toward its future objectives. Growing your leaders’ willingness and capability to look, plan and move into the future with clear intentions and purposeful actions

Strategic agility implies:

  • A strategic mindset—looking more broadly when solving problems and making decisions.
  • Thinking in multiple time frames, balancing things now with planning for the future
  • Thinking systematically, making connections, and understanding the impact of decisions on other parts of the organization

Ideal for Leaders of
Self Team Department Division Organisation 

Participants Will Strengthen Their Ability To:

  • Expand their capacity for agile leadership, learn to seek out and make the most of new opportunities, adopt a growth mindset, and accelerate learning thinking and innovation.
  • Develop the foresight to act decisively and courageously in ambiguous and complex situations.
  • Increase their willingness and capability to look, plan, and move into the future with clear intent and purposeful action, focusing on both the short and long term.
  • Build internal capability to redeploy resources, make bold decisions quickly, and collaborate with others to produce innovative win-win solutions.

Who Should Attend

Mid to senior level managers dealing with significant complexity in their daily work environment.


 Palma RobinsonThis program has been designed and is delivered by Palma Robinson, a Senior Executive Coach and Facilitator with The Niagara Institute, and an Organizational Development Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She is President of Developing Leaders. Palma’s strength lies in the ability to propose and facilitate personal change initiatives that empower individuals to make important choices, taking positive action in their lives as leaders.

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Workshop Dates

Fee: $995*

Date Location
November 1, 2018 The Albany Club, Toronto, Ontario 
March 7, 2019 The Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario 

*Includes some meals and refreshments. Does not include accommodation. Fees are subject to HST.

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