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Presenting as a Leader®

Workshop Agenda

I. Adopt the Leader’s Mindset

  • The link between leadership and communication
  • Six guiding principles for thinking about presentations through the lens of leadership

Workshop: Participants will identify an upcoming presentation where they wish to inspire. They will analyze their audience and the opportunity that the presentation provides to lead.

II. Build the Argument: The Leader’s Script®

  • Develop a single, focused message
  • Structure your thoughts persuasively
  • Use conversational, yet powerful, language

Workshop: Using the method they have been shown, participants will create the outline for the presentation they wish to prepare.

Networking Lunch

III. Lead Through Visuals

  • When to use visuals and when to avoid them
  • Two types of slide deck: the visual memo vs. speaking support
  • Guiding principles for effective visuals

Workshop: Participants will examine sample slides and then storyboard their own presentation outlines.

IV. Present with a Leader’s Presence

  • An introduction to the techniques that enable you to project confidence, including body language, eye contact, pace, expression and tone

Workshop: Participants will deliver parts of their script to partners to practice their presence technique.

V. Conclusion

  • Beyond the presentation … every interaction is an opportunity to lead
  • Next steps and a commitment to action

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