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Influential Communication Essentials

A Humphrey Group program offered by The Niagara Institute 

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To be truly effective, business professionals must be able to influence others every time they speak – from formal and informal presentations to conference calls, one-on-one conversations, impromptu discussions, and Q&A sessions. This highly interactive, one-day workshop, will show participants how to communicate with clarity and intent in every type of conversation.

This workshop teaches participants how to organize their thoughts in a logical manner in order to communicate key messages of importance to their audience. It focuses on using both physical and vocal presence to keep an audience engaged.

Ideal for Leaders of
Self Team Department Division Organisation 

Core Learning Outcomes

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn to approach every communication as an opportunity to influence others
  • Develop an audience centered approach to their communication
  • Learn the art of communicating to inspire and engage
  • Focus on speaking with clarity and conviction, and apply this method in any situation
  • Develop key messages that resonate and reassure their target audience

Customized, Applied Learning

This workshop provides "real-life" value to participants by setting specific parameters for conversation topics, and guidelines for communications. Participants will then receive personalized coaching and feedback to reinforce their learnings.

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Workshop Dates

Fee: $995*

Date   Location  
November 15, 2018The Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Available for registration soon. Email to be notified. 

*Includes some meals and refreshments. Does not include accommodation. Fees are subject to HST. 


Multiple Attendees

This program is ideal for group training. Maximize the benefits of this learning and increase the return on your training investment by sending multiple people from your organization.

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