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The Leadership Communications Certificate™


The Leadership Communications Certificate™ consists of a package of communication programs that will help leaders gain a complete set of leadership communication skills. The series develops strengths that are required of leaders on a daily basis, providing participants with a strong foundation for achieving excellence in all speaking situations—from formal speeches to impromptu talks. The series addresses everything from messaging to body language and leadership presence.

Who Should Attend

This Certificate is for leaders who wish to gain the communication skills and presence associated with a polished leader. The series will show you how to step confidently into any situation, influence and inspire your audience and achieve an unmistakable presence that distinguishes you as a “seasoned” speaker and a strong, and compelling leader.


Program Communication Focus Communication Impact

Speaking as a Leader®

Fundamentals of speaking in all situations Influence the thinking and perspectives of others

Communication for the Senior Leader®

Communication during impromptu situations Influencing and inspiring others “on-the-fly”
Leadership Presence Displaying a polished leadership presence A strong, confident presence, that builds credibility and trust

Upcoming Sessions

Please see individual pages for the latest session information in each program.

Maximize Your Leadership… Maximize Your Return

Sign up for the complete Leadership Communications Certificate and save on the combined individual program fee.

Certificate Fee: $8,986

Programs are held in Calgary, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Program Partner

Leadership Presence™, Communication for the Senior Leader®, and Speaking as a Leader® are developed and delivered by The Humphrey Group Inc., offered in partnership with The Niagara Institute. Communication for the Senior Leader® and Speaking as a Leader® are registered trademarks of The Humphrey Group Inc.

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