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Leading Through Virtual Communication
A Humphrey Group program offered by The Niagara Institute

As our business and professional interactions become more global, our communications are increasingly driven by online and telephone interactions. Some professional relationships must now be built entirely through a phone line, by email or via video conferencing. Recruitment and HR practices are adjusting to this new reality as well. More job interviews are being done online and initially through telephone screening and initial screening is often performed through telephone interviews. To communicate influentially, leaders must be prepared for this “virtual reality.”

To meet the need of these growing challenges, this 90-minute distance learning session will introduce attendees to the skills needed to lead in online and telephone opportunities, and drive action.


Powerful Learning Outcomes

The participants who attend this session will strengthen their ability to:

  • View all telephone, email and video conferencing engagements as opportunities to lead
  • Handle themselves confidently in high stakes situations
  • Cultivate a leader’s presence with the right eye contact, expression, vocal pace and body language on the phone or video
  • Focus their thinking around a single message
  • Lead effectively in each stage of a video or conference call: before, during and after


Pre-Program Test your webcam; Access your program materials.

Prior to the session you will be asked to think of an upcoming email, online meeting or conference call in which you would like to influence or inspire your audience to action. You will be creating your core message for this meeting during the session.
Day 1 Start with a Leader’s Mindset; Script Yourself for Success; Deliver with Leadership Presence; Call to Action Apply; What You’ve Learned.

Session Dates and Times

Date   Time  
New date coming this Fall E-mail to be notified

*Fees are subject to HST.

Dates and times are subject to change

Our Alumni Speak

“Very good presentation of the material. Emily has an easy voice to listen to and is ‘present.’”

Michelle Lindquist, Account Manager Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Project Authentic Leadership Every Time You Speak

Read The Humphrey Group’s article: Six Steps to Speaking as an Authentic Leader


Call or e-mail us for more details.

Program Partner

Leading Through Virtual Communication is developed and delivered by The Humphrey Group Inc., offered in partnership with The Niagara Institute. 

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