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Pre-Program Assessment—Complete a self-assessment
Day 1 The World is Your Stage—Exploring the connection between leading and presence. Practice “making an entrance.”

Creating Your Character—Knowing the combination of qualities you wish to project as a leader.

Reaching Your Audience—Understand what every audience expects from youand give them what they need—ability to listen, show warmth and empathy, and political savvy.

Speaking with Passion—Speaking to reflect the energy and excitement of your ideas. Practice powerful vocal exercises to learn how to articulate your words in an expressive and engaging way.

Achieving the Presence of a Performer—Develop a confident stage presence by using strong gestures and body language. Practice exercises in movement, relaxation and spontaneity to help you develop presence.

Observing the Greats—Discover what makes others compelling and dynamic.
Day 2 Workshop: Lights, Camera, Action!—“Perform” scripts in a polished and compelling way. Receive Facilitator feedback.

Workshop: Presence in Interactions—Learn to read your audience and respond in an empathetic and inspiring way.

Workshop: Improv–You're Always On!—Practice presence in every day situations where leaders are required to be “on.” Receive Facilitator feedback.

Close—Review program concepts and next steps.


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