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Leadership Presence

A Humphrey Group program offered by The Niagara Institute


Leadership Presence™ will provide participants with an opportunity to gain a strong, confident presence—that elusive quality that creates instant credibility and trust. It is a quality all leaders need if they are to inspire and influence. This program will show you how to hold the room with a leadership presence that involves strong gestures, a powerful stance, an expressive voice, and a grounded style known as “gravitas.” You will develop your own personal style and authentic charisma. You will discover how to perform your leadership role with a compelling presence that engages others through listening techniques, tone and political savvy. These skills are necessary for leaders today.

This program is taught by Facilitators who have worked extensively with leaders as well as having background in theatre. Small group workshops, with a ratio of 7 participants to one Facilitator, will provide for extensive feedback and one-on-one coaching for all participants.

Leadership Presence is part of a series of three communication programs. The two other programs are Communication for the Senior Leader® and Speaking as a Leader®

Ideal for Leaders of
Self Team Department Division; Organisation;

This program is for leaders who wish to gain the presence associated with a polished leader. The program will show you how to step confidently into any situation and achieve an unmistakable presence that distinguishes you as a “seasoned” speaker and strong leader. This program is especially beneficial to those who represent their company both internally and externally.


  • Guidance in achieving the presence of a polished leader;
  • Strategies in engaging your audience, speaking with passion and projecting confidence;
  • Individual feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in 'leading performances'; and
  • Opportunities to practice communication strategies in small group exercises.


  • Take your speaking skills to the next level by developing a powerful stance and expressive voice;
  • Develop the presence and clear communication style of a true leader;
  • Read your audience and know what moves them;
  • Make an immediate and lasting impression with strong entrances and exits;
  • Engage others with political savvy and a warm empathetic tone;
  • Use the power of your voice;
  • Speak with passion;
  • Articulate your words clearly;
  • Vary your tone and pace;
  • Speak with energy;
  • Gesture with decisiveness; and
  • Use your body to project confident leadership.

Leadership Presence Agenda

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Accommodation is secured for programs held in Niagara-on-the-Lake only. For more information, please email

For all other locations, please email for a list of local hotels. 

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Program Dates

Fee: $3,195*

Date   Location  
October 4–5, 2017  The Humphrey Group, Toronto, Ontario   

*Includes breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. Does not include accommodation. Fees are subject to HST.


Please note: Dates and locations are subject to change.

Program Partner

Speaking as a Leader®, Communication for the Senior Leader®, and Leadership Presence­™ are developed and delivered by The Humphrey Group Inc., offered in partnership with The Niagara Institute. Speaking as a Leader® and Communication for the Senior Leader® are registered trademarks of The Humphrey Group Inc.

Everyone who attends this program will receive a copy of the best selling book, Speaking as a Leader. Written by Judith Humphrey, President of The Humphrey Group Inc., this book will provide you with valuable guidance after your attendance.



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Your Company Could be Eligible to Have 2/3 of Your Program Fee Paid by the Canada Job Grant

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  • Are you up for a promotion or have recently been promoted?
  • Are you a new hire?

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Our Alumni Speak

“The best outside course I have attended. I was able to use new skills immediately.”

Patricia Botter, Manager, Agri-business and Agri-food, farm Credit Canada

“Loved it. The program is interactive, engaging, fun and constructive.”

Bryan Elliott, President, Consolidated Energy Solutions

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