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Design and Delivery Process

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Selecting the Right Coach

Using a proven selection process the Niagara Institute matches each new client with the most appropriate Coach. We conduct an initial scoping interview to identify the needs of the individual or team, to understand the current and potential responsibilities, and to provide a basis on which to assign a Coach and a recommended course of action. Good fit and alignment are further supported by an intake interview, wherein both the Executive Coach and client explore and verify solid fit and alignment.

Designing and Delivering Customized Coaching

Scoping Interview

An initial discussion is conducted to understand client needs.
Based on these needs, an Executive Coach is selected for best fit.

Proposal and Schedule

A comprehensive proposal and the biography of the assigned Executive Coach are submitted to the client for review.

Intake Interview

The assigned Executive Coach conducts an intake interview with the client to develop goals and expectations.

Assessment and Feedback

The client completes the recommended assessment questionnaires.
A face-to-face session is then arranged to discuss feedback, explore emerging themes and challenges, and develop strategies to support improved performance.

Development Plan

The client and Executive Coach work together to create a clear, achievable, action-based development plan based on the assessment and feedback.

Implementation of Coaching Plan

Coaching sessions focus on supporting and expanding the strategies and action plan that have been articulated.

Transition to Long-Term Development

Toward the end of the assignment, the Executive Coach meets with the client to discuss strategies for long-term development and maintenance.

To Discuss Your Coaching Needs

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Team Coaching

Each team member receives confidential and personalized coaching. Feedback and insights are constructed to benefit both the individual and the team to which the participant belongs. In most cases, the team will be brought together at specific intervals to embed new behaviours and to ensure that deliverables are being achieved. Deliverables often relate to the efficiency and effectiveness of overall team function.

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Individual Coaching

Executive coaching can be a valuable tool for preparing individuals for new and expanded organizational responsibilities and individual, customized leadership development.

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The Case for Coaching

Ross Roxburgh (Niagara Institute) and Sandra Oliver (Impact-Coaches Inc) weigh-in on the common pitfalls, strategic use, and the future of coaching.  

Public Sector Digest Oct, 2014.