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Executive Coaching

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Leaders work in partnership with a Niagara Institute Coach to identify, develop, challenge, and sustain the task- and relationship-management skills of highly effective leaders. Highly effective leaders are highly self-aware. By engaging in an objective, feedback-rich process, individuals are able to explore and develop fresh perspectives.

As they move from an understanding of what needs to change to how to change it, they are often surprised at how small, simple, focused adjustments of strategy and style can take them to the next level and lead to powerful, far-reaching results.

Certified Executive Coaches

The Niagara Institute is committed to the highest levels of quality and the ongoing development of its coaching team. The Niagara Institute’s team encompasses a wide diversity of individual styles, backgrounds, and practical experience, as well as depth of psychological and business acumen. Many of our Coaches are bilingual. All share a common sense of values, commitment, and dedication to developing confidential, trusting, caring, candid, and supportive relationships with our clients.

The Niagara Institute's Certified Executive Coaches use a variety of tools and techniques, including personality style and 360-degree inventories. They also play multiple roles, including thought partner, sounding board, reality check, honest feedback provider, empathetic listener, cheerleader, and supporter. Coaching relationships vary in length from focused, three month relationships to longer relationships lasting one to two years, according to each client’s needs.

Niagara coaching model In an effective coaching session, the Executive Coach and the client work together to:

  • Understand current performance levels
  • Clarify goals for the future
  • Evaluate any problems
  • Identify options for goal completion
  • Set performance standards, and
  • Commit to a plan.

Coaches must understand behaviour and preference in order to understand what interests different people and leads to their commitment.

Selecting the Right Coach

The Niagara Institute uses a proven selection process that matches each new client with the most appropriate Coach. We conduct an initial scoping interview to identify the needs of the individual or team, to understand the individual’s current and potential responsibilities, and to provide the basis for assigning the Executive Coach and preparing a recommended course of action. Good fit and alignment are further supported by an intake interview that allows both the Executive Coach and client to explore and verify solid fit and alignment.

Executive Coaching Applications

Niagara coaching types

Individual Executive Coaching can be a valuable tool for preparing individuals for new and expanded organizational responsibilities and individual, customized leadership development.

Team Coaching: Each team member receives confidential and personalized coaching. Feedback and insights are constructed to benefit both the individual participant and her or his team. In most cases, the team will be brought together at specific intervals to embed new behaviours and to ensure that deliverables are being achieved. Deliverables often relate to the efficiency and effectiveness of overall team function.

Coaching Map

To see our full range of coaching programs, benefits, and program details, please access our Coaching Map (PDF).

Niagara coaching approaches

Coaching for Individuals Individual Contributors and Project Managers Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers Senior Managers, Directors, Senior Directors C-Suite, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers
Executive Onboarding Yes
Leadership Transitions Yes Yes Yes
Accelerated Learning and Development Yes Yes Yes  
Emerging Leaders Yes Yes
Performance Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Post-Program Application Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alumni Refresher Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coaching for Groups and Teams Individual Contributors and Project Managers Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers Senior Managers, Directors, Senior Directors C-Suite, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers
Team Launching Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intact Team Development Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Learning and Development Yes Yes Yes Yes

To Discuss Your Coaching Needs

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