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The essence of a strong methodology is the extent to which it provides a comprehensive and rigorous approach to complex work while also being sufficiently flexible to identify other important and emergent issues which are relevant for the ongoing work and success of the organization.

The Niagara Institute Methodology and Where We Can Help You to Create Sustained Change

Phase One: Prepare and Assess

This is a critical phase, one that ensures that we have and you have a comprehensive understanding of today's reality as well as emerging issues. A focused diagnostic assessment underpins this phase. Clarity of information and a full understanding of contextually-relevant reference points are guideposts of our work. You should expect that the Senior Team will be heavily-engaged at key points in this phase.

Phase Two—Define Leadership Development Strategy

Based on the outcomes of the initial phase, including principles, criteria, and indicators, we now identify priorities and where leadership development can have the most positive impact on your organization and its results. Our conversations with you include strengths and vulnerabilities of your current approach as well as the degree to which your current strategies support key leadership development needs. The key outcome of this phase is a strong conceptual approach to an overall Leadership Development Strategy, one which supports growth and organizational effectiveness.

Phase Three—Design and Test

Working with you, we take the concept to the next stage, where concrete elements are most needed in turning strategy into action. We will help you to identify the quantity and mix of leaders required today and for the future organization. We will also help you better understand the required qualities of leadership, how leaders will apply their strengths at various levels of system, how to identify and accelerate the development of high-potential leaders and the organization's desired leadership culture, and how to link business needs with organizational implications.

Phase Four—Implement and Monitor

This phase represents a major decision point for clients. In some instances, a specific organization unit will be selected as a place to test the strategy; in others, the change management challenges become the focus of the work in parallel with the strategic initiatives. In all cases, we work with you to balance informed risk with the imperative to execute superbly against explicit outcomes. To enable the momentum and focus, clients often engage coaches to assist both individuals and teams with execution and overall solid implementation.

Phase Five—Evaluate and Refine

Working closely with you, we assess progress against defined strategy and expected results. We assess the progress of the intended and required leadership development outcomes to ensure that the Leadership Development Strategy is closely aligned with overall Business Strategy. Our strong partnership enables us to have the important discussions where alignment is not as closely linked as necessary and take creative, practical, and deliberate steps to making improvements.

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Niagara Institute Leadership Development Consultants will visit your organization to discuss your leadership challenges and needs. If you are interested in what Niagara can do for you, call us (1-800-663-7305) or send us an e‑mail.

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